At the site where not long ago the decaying buildings of the old Goetz brewery were located, Balmoral Properties has developed a new residential, office and business complex. The company has renovated the historic 19th-century buildings of a style and character similar to that of this unique area at the time of its splendour. The entire phase 1 has been expanded to comprise new residential buildings matching the historic architecture. Subsequent phases of the project are being currently developed.

Comprised in a coherent revitalisation scheme, the design integrating renovated historic buildings with new developments, prepared by MOFO Architekci, an architectural office with its registered office in Cracow, was created in strict cooperation with the Voivodeship Historic Preservation Office. In the midst of historic postindustrial developments adapted for office, commercial and business purposes and catering facilities, new buildings have been erected, encompassing residential facilities and contemporary commercial space. The area has been adjusted to the new functions resulting from the needs of  the developing city. Apart from the renovated Goetz Palace, the new complex comprises historic buildings used for beer production (the facade from Lubicz street), the Porter’s Lodge, the former Malt Drying Plant, the former Malt House as well as the Engine Room and the Boiler Room with a chimney. These buildings of unquestionable historic value have been reinstated to their former splendour, while the newly erected buildings have the style and character resembling the atmosphere of the place and the historic architecture preserved.

The renovated buildings of the Engine Room and the Boiler Room will be designated for commercial and business purposes. In the Malt House, there will be catering facilities. The original appearance of the said building’s facade has been reinstated, with newly built parts made of glass. The Beer Production Building has preserved its features since the wall has been renovated both inside and on the outside.

The building of the Porters’ Lodge has been adapted for a transformer station. Special plasters with a steel grid will give protection against electromagnetic radiation. The former Malt Drying Plant forms a staircase of the newly erected housing facility.

The complex of buildings of the Lubicz Brewery will form anew an intrinsic part of the city without creating a closed enclave. The fencing from Lubicz street has been reduced to an entrance gate and small brickworks with 0.5 m of height at the most. The Brewery’s area is planned to be developed with three town squares located along Lubicz street. Greenery areas, constituting as much as ¼ of the project’s entire area, with the prevailing white colour, will form a significant addition to the area development.






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