The history of the Lubicz Brewery dates back to 1840, when the area at 15-17 Lubicz Street belonged to the Jenny family. The brewery’s first buildings were erected based on a design by von Pierett, ordered by Rudolf Jenny. The plant named ”John’s Brewery” was owned by the Jenny family until 1903; a year later, it was taken over by baron Jan Goetz – Okocimski. The new owner changed the brewery’s name to Browar Krakowski i Fabryka Przetworów Słodowych J. Götza. The brewery prospered very well undergoing constant modernisation processes. After the death of baron Jan Goetz, in 1931, the brewery’s management passed on to his son. The brewery was in operation until the war, with a stoppage in 1936 caused by the employees’ strike. After the end of WW2, the brewery was nationalised by the State. First, it was managed by the Board of Fermentation Industry (Zarząd Przemysłu Fermentacyjnego) in Zabrze and it was taken over by Okocim in 1968. The company was constantly modernised and developed with, among others, one of the first block malt-works and a bottling line from the German Democratic Republic. The most substantial limitation for the brewery’s development was its location in the centre of Cracow, which prevented the expansion of the premises and production lines. In the 80-ties, the production line of the Krak Pils brewery was put into operation, with only one brand of beer being manufactured i.e. Jasne Mocne. When in 2001 Okocim was taken over by Carlsberg, the concern decided to cease the production of beer in the Lubicz Brewery. Thanks to its interesting history and location, the Lubicz Brewery remains to be a distinguishable mark on the map of Cracow. In the project’s area, there are single elements being testimonials of technical splendour, described as part of the Cracow’s Route of Industrial Heritage (Krakowski Szlak Techniki). Furthermore, this area forms part of the so-called Historical Town Complex.

In January 2014, phase 1 of the Lubicz Brewery complex was completed. Balmoral Properties has renovated historic buildings, namely the Goetz Palace, the Beer Production Building, the Porter’s Lodge, the former Malt Drying Plant, the Old Malt House as well the Engine Room and the Boiler Room with a chimney. The buildings’ characteristic facades correspond to those of industrial buildings built in the 19th century.

History of the Brewery





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