•    LUBICZ BREWERY GENERAL CONTRACTOR – PORR POLAND SAOn October 21st the agreement was signed to appoint PORR Poland SA as general contractor on the Lubicz Brewery construction project in Krakow. ... 03.11.2011

    ... PORR is one of the most established construction companies in the Polish market, with previous experience in well-known renovation projects, such as the Old Brewery in Poznan and the former Poznański textile mill in Lodz, now an Andel’s hotel.

    PORR are due to enter the Lubicz Brewery site on November 2nd; and construction work will commence the following week. The first phase of the project is scheduled to be completed by May 2013.

  •    PRESS CONFERENCEOn September 28th a press conference was held by Balmoral Properties to present their plans to develop and revitalize the Lubicz Brewery in Cracow. ... 12.10.2011

    ... A representative for Balmoral Properties, Mr. Piotr Olbryś, described the residential areas of the site as well as the mix of office and commercial space that will also be created. This was followed by a presentation from Mr. Krzysztof Wużyk from MOFO Architekci, the firm appointed as architects for the project. Mr. Wużyk talked about the importance of the site’s history and outlined plans to incorporate certain historical buildings, which are being retained and restored, within a modern multi-function complex.

    Ms. Monika Piątkowska (Vice-President of Cracow) and Mr. Jan Janczykowski (Regional Conservator) also attended the press conference.

    Ms. Piątkowska highlighted the vital role the project will play in improving the surrounding area of the Central Station; helping to re-established it as an eminent part of the city. Mr. Janczykowski explained that this will be the first example in Cracow of historical industrial buildings being treated with such levels of care and attention within a modern complex.

    The press conference has attracted plenty of interest from the media. Particular mention has been made of the centrality of the site's location and the restoration of historical buildings, as well as the scale and eventual value of the development project.

  •    DEMOLITION WORK BEGINSIn preparation for the Browar Lubicz regeneration and development project, clearance and demolition of the former Goetz brewery site has commenced. The development, designed by...19.07.2011

    ... local Cracow architects, MOFO Architekci, in close co-operation with the conservation officer for the Malopolska Viovodship, will revive and integrate several historic buildings on the site (for example, the Goetz Palace, a Porter's Lodge, an Old Malt Chamber, an Old Malt House, an Engine-room, and a Boiler-room with chimney) within a mixed-use complex of modern residential, retail and office space. In accordance with decision no.1679/10 (09.08.2010) and decision no.648/2011 (04.04.2011), issued by the President of Cracow, certain pre-war buildings on the site have to be demolished. The first stage of demolition work is being carried out by a local contractor, TRANS ZIEM, and is expected to last until mid-September.

  •    CONSENT OF THE REGIONAL CONSERVATORThe Regional Conservator has accepted the concept of rebuliding
    and expanding the old Lubicz Brewery site. The new concept...

    ... was designed and prepared by architects, MOFO Studio, according to the regulations of the local devlopment plan and in close cooperation with the Conservator. The project will integrate the historical architectural of the post-industrial buildings within a complex of modern residential, office and commercial space. Common areas of the new complex will be open to the public, for the enjoyment and interest of both residents of Cracow and tourists. The result of the project will be the transformation of a previously run down and forgotten area of the City into a complex of high quality residential, business and leisure space.







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