•    BROWAR LUBICZ: THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS ADDRESS IN POLANDLubicz Brewery has recently been recognised as one of the most prestigious addresses in Poland in a poll published by... 20.12.2012

    ... two consulting companies, Home Broker and Lion's House. According to real estate experts, the development is emerging as a dream home location of choice in Krakow. This accolade has been attributed to the unique, historic character of the complex, the great location near to the centre of town, and the quality of apartments being built..


    For more information please visit (article is in Polish)...

  •    CORNERSTONE LAYING CEREMONYDuring the traditional cornerstone laying ceremony for the Lubicz Brewery development, we had the pleasure of welcoming representatives from the government, several companies involved ...14.11.2012

    ... in the project, as well as current and prospective clients.

    Thanks to the Lubicz Brewery project, not only is Balmoral Properties creating new apartments, jobs, offices and shops; it is also restoring an abandoned and neglected part of Cracow. Furthermore, it is a rare example of an investor demonstrating such humility towards heritage and preservation, bringing out the best of the historic buildings. For this, they deserve our thanks. - said Monika Piątkowska, Head of the Public Awareness Department in the Ministry of Economics, during the cornerstone laying ceremony.

    Apartments in the Lubicz Brewery development, recently recognized by a Lion’s House ranking as the most prestigious location in Cracow, have attracted plenty of attention.

    I am pleased to announce that we have already sold 30% of the apartments. - said Alun Jones, Managing Director of Balmoral Properties.

    Construction of the first phase of the project began in the autumn of 2011. At that time, demolition work, work on the underground car park, and cleaning and restoration of the historic chimney had been carried out. Construction of the remaining buildings in phase one, for example new residential units on Lubicz Street and restoration of the Goetz Palace, are currently underway.

    Protection of historic elements of the Lubicz Brewery required special attention and care during construction. We have taken extra precaution on the foundations of the existing buildings as well as on the stockade in the area adjacent to the construction site. - pointed Witold Poznański, PORR Polska S.A., General Contractor of the Lubicz Brewery.

    The first phase of the project is planned to complete in the fourth quarter of 2013.

  •    ADVANCED WORKS ON CONSTRUCTION SITEConstruction of the basement level garage at the Lubicz Brewery has reached an advanced stage and progress on the ground floor slab is becoming clearly visible. Refurbishment of the historic chimney...12.10.2012

    ... is expected to be completed imminently, at which point the protective scaffolding will be dismantled. Work at first floor level of Building A, on the Lubicz Street side of the development, is also beginning to take shape. On the weekend of the 15/16th of September, the Lubicz.

  •    REAL ESTATE FAIR IN CRACOWBrewery sales team took part in a real estate fair in Cracow, organised by RedNet.The Lubicz Brewery stand attracted... 16.09.2012

    ... a healthy amount of interest with lots of people stopping to ask the team questions or to view the development 3D model. Anyone who would like to find out more about the apartments for sale or available commercial space is welcome to visit the Lubicz Street sales office. Remember, there is now also a viewing window at the construction site so that prospective residents can see the project come to life.

  •    PEEP THROUGH THE ON-SITE WINDOW!Peep through the window to see what your apartment looks like!
    This campaign is directed at all the citizens of Cracow as well as our Clients who, starting today, will be able...

    ... to observe the progress in the investment area. For this purpose, we have installed a special window in the construction fence. The window faces the Lubicz street (it is placed 100 meters from the sales office). What can you see through the window today? Currently, works on the foundation slab and on the pillars and walls on the garage level are underway.

  •    PHOTOS. JULY 2012.In the area of investments, the works related to the construction of underground garages have been underway. At present, earthworks are conducted, including... 18.07.2012

    ... works related to the pouring out of the foundation slab and construction poles between ground level and level 1. Restoration works of the historic chimney (cleaning and protecting) are also underway. Works on the fireproof and water reservoirs have already been completed.

  •    PHOTOS. MAY 2012 – WORKS ON THE SITE.The Lubicz Brewery will have a generous allocation of space for parking for residents and office workers. There will be 360 spaces... 28.05.2012

    ...  in the underground car park, which will cover a large proportion of the plot. The car park will be accessible both from Lubicz Street and from Strzelacka Street. Construction work for the underground car park is already underway. The excavation process started in the autumn of last year, once the demolition work had been completed. There will be 176 car parking spaces allocated to Phase 1 on the project, of which 135 are dedicated to residential occupants.

  •    PHOTOS. MARCH 2012....  27.03.2012

  •   PRELIMINARY AGREEMENTSWe would like to inform the market that the process of signing preliminary sale agreements on apartments at the Lubicz Brewery has been underway since February this year. The project is generating...27.02.2012

    ... a great deal of interest from investors and potential customers who are eager to secure a home in this stylish and prestigious community situated in the heart of Cracow. Apartments currently on offer comprise Phase 1 of the project, which is due for completion during the second half of next year. Visitors to the site can now see that construction is progressing well, helped by the mild spring weather.

    Visitors are welcome at the sales office, which is located at 23 Lubicz Street, from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm.







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