•    CUSTOMERS CHARMED BY THE LUBICZ BREWERYOn the 16th and 17th of November the last Open Days of 2013 were heldat the Lubicz Brewery. The development project has previously attractedmuch interest and this was...19.11.2013

    ... the case again as approximately 150 guests came to look around. In fine autumn weather, the visitors could view all of the apartments available in buildings "A" (from Lubicz Street) and "B" (from Strzelecka Street) and discuss the project with the sales team. Two and three room apartments generated the most interest over the course of the weekend. In general, visitors seemed delighted with the new-build residential element of the project and, in particular, with the manner in which it is complimented by the surrounding historical buildings that have been totally renovated for modern commercial purposes as part of the mixed-use development. Other renovated buildings include the historic Goetz Palace and the former Gate House, Malt House, Engine Cooling Room, and the Boiler House with its iconic chimney. To optimize the atmosphere of the complex, and in contrast to the darker brickwork visible from the outside streets, lighter tones of brick have been incorporated in the internal pedestrianized areas, and loggias have been formed from wooden panels. We would like to thank all those who visited during the Open Days and welcome those who missed the opportunity to visit our sales office where the team is always happy to provide more information about the development.

  •    THE LUBICZ BREWERY PROJECT ACCLAIMED BY THE CONSERVATORWe are pleased to announce that Jan Janczykowski, the Malopolski Regional Conservator, has formally accepted all of the maintenance and revitalisationworks at our project. We have been commended...04.11.2013

    ... for the effect of our work and the Brewery will now serve as an example for future adaptations of old industrial sites into modern developments. The Brewery once had a prosperous history dating back to 1840, but in recent times it had fallen in to a state of dilapidation and so was unusable for commercial or residential purposes. Three years ago the decision was made to rebuild it. In May 2011, the Provincial Conservator accepted the concept of restoring several historical buildings and incorporating them within a contemporary complex. In July that year the construction project commenced on site. Within two years, the old Brewery has been revitalised. All of the buildings listed in the Register of Historic Monuments have been restored, including the Goetz Palace and the post-industrial buildings of the second half of the 19th century, such as the Gate House, the Malt House, the Cooling Engine Room, and the Boiler House and its chimney. The Lubicz Brewery project now demonstrates the harmonisation of historical industrial architecture within a modern complex of residential, retail and office space. Soon, the Lubicz Brewery will once again become a prominent feature on the City's social and commercial landscape. It is already being referred to as the most prestigious address in Kraków.

  •    LUBICZ BREWERY PHASE 1: NEAR TO COMPLETIONThe first phase of construction at the Lubicz Brewery project has now enteredits final stages with quality control scheduled to commence next month.In the residential areas...21.10.2013

    ... the elegant brick facade is now complete. Careful refurbishment of the Goetz Palace into a modern office building is receiving some external finishing touches. The underground car park is undergoing final treatment and above ground the last cobblestones are being placed in pedestrianised zones. At the entrance to the development the iconic brick gateway, having been retained and restored, is about to be revealed. Meanwhile, the next phase of construction at the Brewery is well underway, with the basement dig having been completed back up to ground level. Visitors are welcome to stroll past the Lubicz Brewey to observe the progress themselves. To view apartments please call or visit the Sales Office, just along Lubicz Street, to make an appointment. Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 09:00 - 18:00

    See you there!

  •    THE NEXT PHASE HAS STARTED AT LUBICZ BREWERYWith completion of the first phase now in sight, it is pleasing to announce thatthe next phase of construction - consisting of 160 new apartments and... 19.08.2013

    ... a large modern office building - at Lubicz Brewery has commenced. Demolition works have been carried out successfully during the summer and now excavation is expected to start imminently. The next phase involves two major areas of work. One, running along the southern quarter of the development site, involves the creation of 120 apartments in 3 new buildings. Future residents of these apartments will be able to enjoy peaceful views across the complex, including the prestigious Goetz Palace and Old Boiler House. The other, situated to the west of the central pedestrianized area and Old Boiler House, will predominately feature a new Class-A office building with 5,000 sq. meters of rentable space across 5 floors. This area will also contain separately 40 new apartments. Recent visitors to the development will have noticed that the first phase of construction has progressed rapidly and is nearing completion. The brickwork facade and balconies at the front of Building A are an impressive sight from Lubicz Street. Apartments in this phase, which range from about 30 sq. meters to over 100 sq. meters, have experienced strong demand over the summer as customers are now able to walk around largely finished units.

  •    THE THIRD OPEN DAY OF 2013Last weekend the third and final Open Day before the summer break took place at Lubicz Brewery. It provided an opportunity for potential new customers... 19.06.2013

    ... to explore the development and for existing customers to observe recent progress made on the construction project. The most popular apartments proved to be those in Building A, adjacent to Lubicz Street, which are now near to completion. Visitors were able to inspect the plastered walls, floor screed and wooden paneled loggias. The elegant contrast between darker brickwork on the outside of the complex and lighter versions visible from the internal, pedestrianised areas was also complimented.

    The next Open Days will now not take place until the Autumn. In the meantime, we would like to thank all of our visitors for the time they spent exploring Lubicz Brewery and to invite anyone interested to stop in at our Sales Office (CBL, Lubicz 23 Street), where apartment viewings can be organised from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm.

  •    ONE OF POLAND'S THE MOST INTERESTING INVESTMENTS IN 2013We are pleased to announce that the Lubicz Brewery project has been acknowledged in a recent report on "The most interesting investments in 2013".Prepared by prominent...13.06.2013

    ... weekly publication Gazeta Finansowa in cooperation with Home Market and Gentleman magazines, the report presents the 25 best residential projects in Poland. According to real estate market experts the Lubicz Brewery development is distinguished by its ideal city-centre location and excellent transport links. Gaining recognition as one of "The most interesting investments of 2013" adds further credit to the quality of the project. Late last year, consulting companies Home Broker and Lion's House published a report in which the Lubicz Brewery project was ranked as one of the most prestigious addresses in Poland.


    Read the article (in Polish) >

  •    THE SECOND OPEN DAY OF 2013The first phase of the Lubicz Brewery project is already half way through.On this occasion, on 25th and 26th May we organised... 28.05.2013

    ...  the Open Days for the second time. Due to the favourable weather conditions, one hundred visitors appeared during these two days. We would like to thank you all for such a large turnout. During the Open Days, all of the apartments available were open to the public who could also observe the actual construction works progress. In building A from Lubicz Street, 60 per cent of works have already been completed. Therefore, the development is taking on increasingly impressive shapes of a modern residential and retail complex. Inside the building, all the partition walls have been raised, and now wall plastering, electrical installations and plumbing are underway. The next open days will be held on 15th and 16th June. See you there!

  •    THE FIRST OPEN DAY OF 2013On the weekend of April 13th and 14th, the Lubicz Brewery development held its very first residential Open Day. The event generated much interest, both from potential new customers...15.04.2013

    ...  and from those who have already purchased apartments, with more than one hundred families turning up to look around.

    During the Open Day visitors had the opportunity to discuss the project with members of the sales team and to view the available apartments in Buildings (on Lubicz Street) and "B" (on Strzelecka Street). Two-bedroom apartments with areas ranging from 45-50 square meters and three-bedroom apartments with areas ranging from 60-70 square meters proved to be the most popular for prospective buyers. Due to the considerable interest received by the event, Balmoral Properties have decided to repeat this format in the future. The next Open Day will be held on May 25th and 26th of 2013. You are very welcome to join us and observe the progress being made as this prestigious development gets closer to completion.

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  •   FINANCING OF THE LUBICZ BREWERY PROJECTWe are pleased to announce that in January 2013 we entered into a PLN 70m finance agreement with BRE Bank Hipoteczny to fund the first-phase of construction works... 15.03.2013

    ...  on our mixed-use development in Krakow. Signing of the agreement was contingent on certain objectives relating to residential sales, commercial lettings and construction progress being achieved. We are pleased to say that the project was successful on all three fronts.

    Recent changes in the real estate market as a result of the global financial crisis have caused some prospective buyers to question the security of investing at an early stage in residential developments. This financing agreement should provide strong assurance that the Browar Lubicz project is progressing well and that Balmoral Properties is thriving despite the economic uncertainty.

  •   GOOD PROGRESS ON SITEConstruction work at the Lubicz Brewery mixed-use development project in central Cracow has made significant progress in recent months. Most noticeably, Building A, which overlooks...18.02.2013

    ...  the retained original boundary wall onto Lubicz Street, has now reached full height with the fifth roof structure in place. Future owners in this residential block will enjoy panoramic views across the Old Town and out to the mountains beyond. Meanwhile, restoration work on Building J, which forms the corner of Lubicz Street and Strzelecka Street, is well underway. With a new roof, strengthened basement and comprehensive exterior redecoration, this historic building will be reborn as a prominent and highly visible retail location at the main pedestrian entrance into the development.

    Other regeneration elements are also progressing well. Brickwork on Building I, with its iconic chimney tower, has been cleaned and repaired, with a new roof soon to be installed. Importantly, the Goetz Palace, arguably the most recognisable feature of the old brewery and home to its owners at the time, is undergoing a complete overhaul on its way to becoming a prestigious city-centre office address.

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