•    OPEN DAYS AT LUBICZ BREWERY THIS WEEKEND!We cordially invite you to attend the end-of-the-year Open Days whichwill be held this weekend at the Lubicz Brewery. During the Open Days,you will have an opportunity....26.11.2014

    ... to see all the apartments available in buildings "A" (from Lubicz Street) and "B" (from Strzelecka Street). Also, our advisors will be more than happy to present to you the sale offers for two- and three-bedroom apartments of the second phase of the investment, and to discuss any issues relating to the new project. Moreover, you will be able to see two show apartments, of an area of 45 sq metres and of 80 sq metres.

    Visit the Lubicz Brewery this weekend, choose an apartment for yourself and negotiate the price!

    The Open Days will take place this Saturday and Sunday (29th and 30th of November) from 10 am until 3 pm at 17 Lubicz St. See you there!

  •    PKO BP: A NEW TENANT IN THE LUBICZ BREWERYWe are happy to announce that PKO BP, Poland's largest bank,is our new leaseholder in the Lubicz Brewery. The bank has leased.... 13.11.2014

    ... 822 square metres in the "A" building (from Lubicz Street). Customers will be able to carry out financial transactions as early as next year.

  •    FINANCING OF THE SECOND PHASE OF THE LUBICZ BREWERYWe are pleased to announce that our company, Balmoral Properties has entered intoa PLN 79m finance agreement with mBank Hipoteczny to fund the second phase of construction works on the Lubicz Brewery project. The company has thereby...12.11.2014

    ... fulfilled all the formal requirements for signing the agreement. The second phase of our investment project involves the construction of four residential buildings: E, F, C and D with a total of 163 two- and three-bedroom apartments. Alongside the works on the residential project, a commercial building G of an area of 4,200 sq metres will be erected. The commercial units shall comprise 995 sq metres of a total usable area, whereas the apartments will offer a total usable area of 10,400 sq metres. All construction works are scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2016.

  •    BROWAR LUBICZ IN THE BREWERY!We are happy to announce that our new tenant is Browar Lubicz Ltd., a company which is planning to launch a stylish brewery restaurant in the building of a former Malt House at Lubicz 17J. The wonderful news...01.09.2014

    ... is that, after a nearly 14-year-break in beer production at Lubicz Brewery, its historic and vital role will now be revived.  In addition to beer extraction, carried out by traditional production methods and with the use of top quality ingredients, the restaurant owners will also provide the customers with a variety of cultural and entertainment events throughout the whole week.

    The restaurant's Chief Brewmaster will be one of the best ranking Polish brewmasters who has been awarded for its achievements in Poland and abroad. Thanks to the superior quality of house-brewed beer, its extensive selection of tastes, and superb cuisine, Restauracya Browarna Lubicz will surely become an alluring meeting point in a historic place in the heart of Cracow.

    The company has leased the whole building of the former Malt House (3 floors) at Lubicz 17J, and the cellar under the adjacent building, where the beer storage and fermentation room will be located. Also, a front beer garden with a playground will be built in front of the building (opposite the entrance to the Piotr i Paweł supermarket) and operating throughout the whole year.

    The total lease area is approx. 1,250 square metres. The opening is planned for the first quarter of 2015. See you there!

  •    LUBICZ BREWERY PROJECT PERMANENTLY AWARDEDPolish Association of Civil Engineers and Technicians (PZITB) in cooperationwith the Ministry of Infrastructure and the General Office of Building Control announced the winners...14.07.2014

    ... of the "CONSTRUCTION OF 2013" competition. In the 25th edition of the contest, the jury examined nearly 70 nominated and completed projects and picked up the winners in all fields of construction among investors, developers and general contractors.

    The aim of the competition was to select those buildings which achieved outstanding completion results. The Lubicz Brewery won the 1st level award in this prestigious competition. According to the jury, the awards for the projects competed in 2013 were granted in recognition of modern technical and technological solutions adopted, as well as of their functionality and the highest quality of building and finishing materials used.

    Moreover, our project was also acclaimed by prominent architects in the "Cracow – my home" competition. We won a special prize for the cutting-edge renovation of a deteriorated area and for creating attractive and multifunctional urban space. According to the jury, the Lubicz Brewery sets a perfect example of dealing with post-industrial historic buildings.

    Finally, the third prize was granted to us by the Małopolski Province Government in recognition of the best contemporary architectural solutions for the protection and shaping of the Małopolski landscape. The Lubicz Brewery was picked up in the housing architecture category.

    We are glad our investment project has yet again received public notice. In January, the Central Office of the National Certification announced the winners of the third edition of the national Building Competition. The Lubicz Brewery received the award in the category of the Investment of the Year 2013. Last year, prominent weekly publication Gazeta Finansowa in cooperation with Home & Market and Gentleman magazines awarded us for the best residential project in Poland. The Lubicz Brewery was recognized for its excellent location and transport links. Also, the development was voted the most prestigious address in Poland by two consulting companies, Home Broker and Lion’s House. Real estate experts recognized our project as a dream home location of choice in Cracow.

  •    JOIN US ON THE OPEN DAYS!Would you like to see the latest available apartments in one of Cracow's best investments? Feel free to visit us this Saturday and Sunday (14th and 15th June)during the Open Days at...11.06.2014

    ... the Lubicz Brewery. This weekend, you will be able to see all available apartments in buildings A (from Lubicz Street)

    and B (from Strzelecka Street), and our advisors will be more than happy to discuss with you more details of phase I and II

    of the investment project. Moreover, you will see our chic 45 sq m and 60 sq m show apartments.

    Come, find an apartment for yourself and negotiate the price! See you there!

  •    CODEWISE: A NEW LEASEHOLDER IN THE LUBICZ BREWERYWe are happy to announce that Codewise, a company specializing in the sale of innovative technologiclal solutions, is our new leaseholder in the Lubicz Brewery project. It will occupy...09.04.2014

    ... about 530 square metres of office space in a modern building located at Lubicz 17H. Codewise's two flagship products are ZeroPark, a zero-click advertising network, and Voluum, tracking and analytics software for the affiliate marketing space. They pride themselves on hiring intelligence and have built the company around this simple strategy. The Codewise team consists of 25 talented individuals from 5 different countries, and a client list that comprises 105 countries. Codewise is our next tenant with whom we have signed a lease agreement this year. In January, Piotr i Paweł, a deli food network joined the list of leaseholders of our investment project, and in March we could witness the opening ceremony of the Consulate General of Hungary in the Lubicz Brewery.

  •    ART EXHIBITION IN THE LUBICZ BREWERYRecently, Lubicz 17 I has gained a prominent position on the cultural map of Cracow due to the cooperation between Balmoral Properties and The Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. The opening attracted...07.04.2014

    ... over two hundred visitors. There has not been a group exhibition like this in the heart of Cracow yet. In the renovated former Boiler House, thirteen outstanding artists, representing different generations, have displayed their works. The artists' projects featured an extensive array of techniques used. The opening has launched a series of vernissages in the unique interiors of our office and residential complex. The first exhibition presents the results of a research project "Bare walls are beautiful". Altogether, five projects will be displayed in the Lubicz Brewery, and the last exhibition will last until June 3. The seed for inspiration for the artistic contemplation has been a Swiss reformer, Ulrich Zwingli and his comments made during the removal of the images from the temples. The exhibition, however, does not focus on philosophical reflections and arguments, but on the essence of space made between the wall (the border) and the picture (the work of art). By means of their artistry - painting, video and installations, the performers aim at convincing the viewer that the poor structure of bare walls contains metaphysics which is only reinforced by the picture itself.

    The project "Bare walls are beautiful" is an initiative of Platforma Badań Artystycznych of the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. It has been the idea of professors: Andrzej Bednarczyk, Kinga Nowak and Michał Zawada to form Platforma Badań Artystycznych which now consists of a group of people eager to create a platform for the exchange of thoughts and discussions for the representatives of various artistic and scientific disciplines.

  •    THE FIRST PHASE OF THE LUBICZ BREWERY IS COMPLETED!We are pleased to announce that we have obtained a final and legally binding occupancy permit for the first phase of our residential project. On Wednesday, 22 January, we signed...27.01.2014

    ... the first Sale Agreement and thus tenants' association has been formed in our neighborhood. In the meantime, the procedure

    for issuing the keys for the residents to their apartments is on the way. Please see the pictures below to find out the actual situation

    on the Lubicz Brewery project.

  •    PIOTR & PAWEŁ: A NEW TENANT IN OUR DEVELOPMENTThis piece of news will surely satisfy those tenants who are gourmets of high quality food products - Piotr i Paweł, a Polish deli food network is a new leaseholder in the Lubicz Brewery project. The company has leased 1100 sq metres...22.01.2014

    ... of retail space in the shopping arcade on the ground floor of the Lubicz 17A building. Our residents will be able to shop there in the second half of this year. Piotr i Paweł has existed on the Polish market for over 23 years. Currently, it is one of the fastest growing food networks with over 100 stores in 57 cities. The average sales area is 1100 sq metres, offering more than 15000 products. The company actively measures to promote white labeling, which is one of its strategic elements, currently selling a few hundred of private label brand products. Since the very beginning, Piotr i Paweł has attached great importance to customer satisfaction, providing a wide range of high-quality products as well as  professional customer service, which has been appreciated by the world experts. The company has joined an exclusive circle of the most influential Polish companies. In 2009, Superbrands, an international organization operating in more than 80 countries, awarded the "Piotr i Paweł" brand the prestigious title of Superbrand Poland. The experts have recognized the company's long-standing experience in establishing itself on the Polish market.

  •    LUBICZ BREWERY: PROJECT OF THE YEAR 2013The Central Office of the National Certification has announced the winners of the third edition of the national Building Competition. The jury has awarded the winners... 16.01.2014

    ... of the four categories: Developer of the Year, Construction Company of the Year, Investment of the Year 2013, and Building Materials of the Year 2013. We are pleased to announce that our project, the Lubicz Brewery, received the award in the category of the Investment of the Year 2013. The project has been appreciated by the jury for its unique architecture, optimal and innovative solutions, as well as for comfort and functionality. This is another significant award for the Lubicz Brewery. Last year, we were awarded for the best residential project in Poland by the prestigious weekly, Gazeta Finansowa  in collaboration with Home Market and Gentleman magazines. The experts appreciated the excellent and well-connected location, as well as the impressive infrastructure of the Lubicz Brewery. Our project was acknowledged by the consulting companies: Home Broker and Lion's House. The real estate market experts recognized our project as one of the most prestigious addresses in Poland. We are very grateful for all the awards.

  •   GENERAL CONSULATE OF HUNGARY MOVES TO THE LUBICZ BREWERYWe are pleased to announce that we have recently signed a lease agreement with the Embassy of Hungary. The General Consulate of Hungary will move... 08.01.2014

    ... into its new premises, located at 17H Lubicz Street, in the first quarter of 2014. The General Consulate's new base in Cracow will encompass an entire floor of the prestigious Goetz Palace. This historic building has been completely renovated and converted into a modern office facility as part of the wider Browar development. Other post-industrial buildings have been restored as part of the project, including the former Gate House, the Malt House, the Engine Cooling Room, and the Boiler House with its iconic chimney. The restored buildings now offer a combined 4,600 square metres of retail space and 1,900 square metres of office space.







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