•    LUBICZ BREWERY INVESTMENT PROJECT COMPLETED IN 77%We are happy to announce that the final works on the investment project are underway. Current progress of all the works of Phase II is 77%. Considerable work progress can be observed...30.12.2015

    ...   in the office building “G” and in residential buildings “E” and “F” where most of the construction works have already been completed. Warbud, the general contractor has carried out the clinker brick elevation and the installation of windows. What is more, pipeline construction and electrical installations have been completed inside the buildings. Impressive progress has also been made in residential buildings “C” and “D” where most of the works on the façade have been carried out, and finishing works are currently underway. The construction works of Phase II are well ahead of schedule since the whole investment project was initially due for completion in autumn 2016. The installation of noise barriers is drawing to a close, and the works on site development of Phase II will soon commence.

  •    POLISH MILLE-FEUILLE OFFERED IN THE LUBICZ BREWERYWe are pleased to announce that Balmoral Properties has entered into a lease agreement with the Café Individual. The café has leased approx. 50 square metres of the area in building A. This is surely not a typical coffee shop...15.11.2015

    ...  offering traditional pastries as its menu features regional specialties from Wadowice like raspberry cakes and Polish cream puffs. Customers are also offered chocolate cakes, apple pies, meringues and fruit muffins, along with a selection of hot snacks, such as chicken, bacon & rocket baguettes. "Pavlovas, egg & bacon paninis and sugar sprinkled muffins are customers' favourites" says Paulina Brańka, the owner of Café Individual.

  •    LUBICZ BREWERY PROJECT COMPLETED IN 65%The construction of the second phase of the investment is now entering the next stage as the building shell will soon be completed. Warbud, the general contractor, is now working on mechanical and electrical systems and...09.10.2015

    ...  and on windows installation. Moreover, extensive works on the clinker brick façade are being carried out. At the moment, the advancement of all the construction works is 65%.

    The most considerable progress can be seen in buildings "F" and "G" where plumbing and electrical systems have already been implemented.  In the residential building, all the windows have been installed, and the outer clinker brick façade has been completed in 85%. Also, most of the construction works have been carried out in the office building where the works on the outer façade and windows installation are coming to an end (70% and 90% respectively). The office building is already covered by the roof.

    Significant advancement of works is also noticeable in building "E". There, windows installation has been completed in 90%, and 40% of clinker brick façade has been installed. As for the remaining residential buildings "C" and "D", windows installation is coming to an end, and 80% of window frames has been completed. Now, the construction company is working on the outer façade of the buildings. In the meantime, the general contractor has commenced the works on the land development of the investment project. Workers are now laying the paving stone from Lubicz Street, whereas sound barriers are being raised in the vicinity of railway tracks.

  •    GRAND OPENING FESTIVAL OF LUBICZ BREWERY & RESTAURANTOn the 4th of September, a grand opening of the Lubicz Brewery restaurant will take place in Cracow. The festival will last throughout the whole weekend. On Friday, the guests will be enjoying...04.09.2015

    ...  a live broadcast of the football match between Poland and Germany. Then, get ready for a music feast as Ayal Elbaz will give a concert at the Malt House on Saturday evening. Finally, the visitors will be able to spend a nice Sunday afternoon at the restaurant with their children and to try some  tasty dishes from a special family menu.

    The opening of the Brewery was preceded by 18 months of intensive work on, e.g. adapting the building to the needs of the new  owner as well as carrying out renovation works, selecting the dishes for the menu and, of course, on beer production. Krzysztof Ozdarski, an international and domestic award winner, will be the restaurant’s chief brewmaster responsible for the brewing process. The guests will also be served fine seasonal local cuisine.



    In the brewery, as many as 11 types of beer will be offered to customers. The guests will be able to enjoy this beverage while observing the brewing process both in the Storage Cellar, where 19 huge beer tanks are placed, and in each of the four rooms of the brewery.

  •    50% OF OFFICE SPACE IN BROWAR LUBICZ OFFICE ALREADY LEASEDWe are pleased to announce that Balmoral Properties has signed a new lease agreement for 2000 square metres of commercial space. Our first tenant in the office building which...30.06.2015

    ... is being erected in the second phase is Codewise. The building offers 4500 square metres of total commercial space. Due to our recent agreement with Codewise, three floors of a total area of 2500 square metres are available for lease, including two floors offering office space, and the ground floor dedicated to offices and services.

  •    OPEN DAYSOn the 20th and 21st of June, the Open Days were held at the Lubicz Brewery.
    The development project has generated considerable interest and we are extremely glad to have hosted so many visitors during the course of the weekend. This time...

    ...  our guests could view all of the apartments available in the first phase as well as the show flats. The visitors also willingly discussed the project with the sales team and tracked the progress of works of the second phase. Warbud, the general contractor of the development project invited the guests to view the two- and three-room apartments in building F.

    Alongside the two-room flats, spacious apartments with fine views also attracted attention. Our guests were clearly interested in those located in building E with a view on magnificent Jesuit Gardens.

    We are happy to announce that 200 apartments have already been sold at the Lubicz Brewery. We would like to thank those who visited our investment project during the weekend and welcome those who missed the opportunity to visit our sales office.

  •    OPEN DAYS AT LUBICZ BREWERYWe warmly invite you to attend the Open Days which are due to be held this weekend at the Lubicz Brewery. During the Open Days, you will have the opportunity to view the last apartments of the first phase of the investment in...17.06.2015

    ... buildings “A” (from Lubicz Street) and “B” (from Strzelecka Street), as well as finished show flats and some apartments of the second phase in building “F”. Also, you will be presented with a total offer of sale regarding both spacious apartments of the first phase and two- and three-bedroom units which are now taking shape. Visit us and choose your dream apartment! Join us on the Open Days this Saturday and Sunday (20th and 21st June) between 10am and 3pm.

    See you at the Lubicz Brewery!

  •    CODEWISE FEELS AT HOME IN LUBICZ BREWERYWe are pleased to announce that Codewise, a company dedicated to the sale of innovative technological solutions will expand its lease area in the Lubicz Brewery project. Codewise's two flagship products are...30.04.2015

    ... ZeroPark, a zero-click advertising network, and Voluum, tracking and analytics software for the affiliate marketing space.

    Codewise became the leaseholder of our investment project last year. The company initially rented 504 sq. metres of office space in the prestigious Goetz Palace. The building, which was extensively renovated, also attracted the attention of Hungarian diplomats who have occupied the new premises of the General Consulate of Hungary there since 2014. Codewise has now decided to lease another floor in the Goetz Palace, and altogether its premises will cover the area of 764 square metres at Lubicz 17H.

    Approximately 90% of commercial space in the Lubicz Brewery has already been leased. Currently, in the first phase of our investment project there is still a possibility for a lease of a commercial unit which covers the area of 803 sq. metres.

  •    ORIGINAL DESIGN OF LUBICZ BREWERY APPRECIATED BY EXPERTSWe are happy to announce that our investment project has been awarded in the national competition "ŻYCIE W ARCHITEKTURZE", the aim whereof is to promote extraordinary achievements of contemporary architecture in Poland and to...14.04.2015

    ... raise public awareness of the role of art by awarding the most attractive facilities. Therefore, the projects which combine cultural heritage with a distinctive urban style have been distinguished by the jury.

    This is yet another special award for the Lubicz Brewery. In March, Phase I of our investment project received an award in a national architectural competition "Brick Award" in category Renovation/Adaptation/Rebuilding/Reconstruction for a modern multi-functional complex uniquely blended into the post-industrial architecture. This prestigious award may make the project be acknowledged also at international level.



  •    PHASE II OF THE LUBICZ BREWERY PROJECT IN PROGRESSDue to favourable weather conditions this winter, significant progress in the works of Phase II of our investment project can be noticed. Residential and office buildings are starting to take shape, with new floors...06.03.2015

    ... being progressively raised. The total advancement of all the works of Phase II amounts to approximately 12 percent. Also, underground parking lots in residential buildings are nearing completion as 80 percent of all works have already been carried out. In Phase II, 176 parking lots will be available for the residents of our investment project.

    Considerable progress has also been made in the residential building "F", where the general contractor has completed the works on the construction of the second floor. Meanwhile, construction works are being carried out in the office building "G", with the first floor being already built.







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