•    THE FINAL STAGE OF THE INVESTMENTWe kindly inform you that on November 15, 2016 we commenced a procedure of signing sale agreements for the second phase of the Lubicz Brewery, which is...01.12.2016

    ...   the final stage of our investment project. We are extremely glad that the development project has generated considerable interest, and we happily announce that all the apartments have already been sold. Still, you have the opportunity to lease commercial space at the Lubicz Brewery.

  •    LUBICZ BREWERY PROJECT COMPLETEDWe are pleased to announce that the second phase of the Lubicz Brewery investment project has been completed. Upon the reception of the occupancy permit, in August we started issuing the keys to the apartments for residents. The renovation...31.08.2016

    ...  of the Lubicz Brewery project in Cracow started five years ago. Preparatory works on the multi-functional complex flanked by the 19th-century postindustrial buildings commenced immediately. The development, designed by local Cracow architects, MOFO Architekci, was aimed at the revival and integration of several historic buildings on the site (the Goetz Palace, the Porter’s Lodge, the Old Malt Chamber, the Old Malt House, an engine room, and a boiler room with a chimney) within a mixed-use residential and office space.

    In January 2014, the works of the first phase of the investment project were completed. Then, the conservation officer explained that the Lubicz Brewery had been a one-of-a-kind development project in Cracow since the historical industrial buildings had been treated with such levels of care and attention and incorporated within a modern complex. This year, the second phase of the project has been completed, with four 4- and 5-storey residential buildings being erected and comprising 163 two- and three-bedroom apartments. Also, under the second phase of the Lubicz Brewery project, an office building has been erected covering an area of 4.200 sq m.

    Our investment is a true architectural gem in the heart of Cracow. The area, once forgotten and abandoned, is now vibrant with life and offers an insight into postindustrial design. Thank you for your very encouraging words and support during the execution of the project. You are more than welcome to visit the Lubicz Brewery and to purchase our state-of-the-art apartments.

  •    Lubicz Brewery is hitting the home run!We are happy to announce that the works of the second phase are coming to an end. The investment project has been completed in 99%.Four residential buildings, as well as the office building, will soon be ready for use. Currently, finishing works...08.06.2016

    ...  are in progress, and the general contractor is adding final touches to the interiors of the buildings. Meanwhile, in the courtyard, clearing works are carried out. Soundproof barriers have already been set up, and plants and lawns have been sown along the buildings.

    Quality approval has also started. We are planning to secure the building use permit for the second phase of the project at the turn of July and August.

  •    90% OF AREA IN BROWAR LUBICZ OFFICE RENTED TO DATEThe first, third and fourth floors  have  been leased by Codewise who currently lease space  in the historic Goetz Palace. Codewise will take a total area of  3.228 sq metres of office space.  the Second floor will be occupied by...18.04.2016

    ... an American company which signed a lease agreement at the end of 2015 for an area of over 1.133  sq metres.

    As a result the only available space still vacant is the ground floor in G building, which comprises of 450 sq metres together with 868 sq metres of commercial space in Building F adjacent. Also, the area known as the Vaults on minus 1 which comprises of 657 sq metres is a truly unique proposition for our future tenants as there are barrel-vaulted basements which can be divided into two separate units.

  •    THE OPTICIAN IS OPENED IN BUILDING AWe are pleased to announce that Optyk Pański is a new tenant in the Lubicz Brewery investment. The company has leased 64.08 sq. metres of commercial space in building A. "We have been looking"...01.02.2016

    ...   for a perfect location which would match the company’s mission, blending elegance and the avant-garde" says Paweł Szpytma, chief executive of Optyk Pański. "And the Lubicz Brewery has proved an ideal place for our business activity.  It is the combination of postindustrial architecture with newly erected buildings that has attracted our attention" he adds.

    It will be the first exclusive salon of Optyk Pański in Kraków. Currently, finishing works are underway, and the shop will open at the beginning of March.

  •    ADECCO MOVES INTO THE NEW OFFICEThe new tenant of the Lubicz Brewery investment project is Adecco, a multinational human resource consulting company, which has leased 315 square metres of office space in building B. Adecco is the world’s...25.01.2016

    ...  leading provider of HR solutions. The company has been in Poland since 1994 and so far it has opened over 50 temporary and placement employment offices as well as on-site facilities, which are local branches established in nearly 30 cities. Last week, Adecco opened its new office in Kraków.

    "Our aim is always to find a convenient location in the heart of the city" says Małgorzata Filipczak, branch director in Adecco Poland. The decision to lease the new premises resulted from an increased demand in the local services market. "We are getting more and more orders and we are also expanding the scope of our business activity. Since we are planning to hire new employees, we need much more office space" adds Filipczak.

  •    UBER: A NEW TENANT IN THE LUBICZ BREWERYWe are happy to announce that Balmoral Properties has recently signed
    a lease agreement for 350 square metres of office space in the Lubicz Brewery.
    Our new tenant is...

    ...  Uber, an American international transportation network company which will soon open its new premises in the historic Goetz Palace.

    Uber is planning to create an advanced business services hub in the Lubicz Brewery. This will be the cutting-edge project of the American start-up in East-Central Europe since the company is going to invest 38m PLN and to provide over 140 workplaces for specialists in Cracow.

    " Poland is a key strategic market for our start-up, and the project in Cracow is one of the major enterprises we have undertaken so far" said Jambu Palaniappan, Regional General Manager for the Middle East & Africa at Uber. The Center of Excellence located in Cracow will provide support for the company’s operational activities in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

    Uber acts as intermediary between the passenger and the transportation provider, and the Uber app connects a traveller with a driver in minutes. The company already operates in Warsaw, Cracow, Tri-City, Wroclaw and Poznan.